May 18, 2024
About Us

Silver Kleen Laundry has been in business in the North Legon area (Accra) since September 2011. Our consistency in offering excellent laundry and dry-cleaning services to our cherished clients, is a huge factor to us still being in business till now. We carry out every aspect of our work on premises, which means we have all our laundry and pressing equipment on site, so, you never have to worry about any of your clothes ever getting missing! We account for your clothes before and after processing and document this record to ensure every one of them is intact by the time you pick them up. Our finishing is crisp and clean!

We have also added to our business range, detergent production and supply on commercial basis.
We as well have an affordable clothing range for men and ladies.

Laundry & Dry Cleaning Our Services

Primarily we offer commercial laundry services to hotels, factories, offices and other institutions.

Detergent Production & Supply Our Services

Silver Kleen produces and supplies the following detergents in commercial quantities upon request: